Add to Chart, GUI Client

To add items to the clinical chart click the new button on the clinical chart tool bar, or start typing a search keyword.

Enter search keyword(s) and click find or press enter to display the results list.

The results list sorts by rank so the above example shows medrol dose pack is prescribed more often than hycodan, which is prescribed more than rynatan, etc.

Items which are already in the clinical chart are colored in white.

Single item selection
To add a single item from the results list: double click on the item or highlight the item and click Ok or press enter. One input window will be displayed.

Multiple item selection
To add multiple items from the results list: highlight items and click Mark or press the + key. After marking the items click Ok or press enter. Successive input windows will appear for each marked item.

Medicine input
After selecting a medicine from the results list, the medicine input window is displayed.

Make any needed changes and click Ok to add the medicine to the clinical chart.

Functionality had been added to the dosage field to increase input efficiency. The following letters are recognized by the dosage field:

When the frequency is changed, the schedule is recalculated. Therefore, change the frequency prior to making changes to the schedule.

Use the 30, 60, and 90 buttons to calculate the container amount needed for 30, 60, or 90 days.

Medical item input
After selecting a medical item from the results list, the medical item input window is displayed.

Make any needed changes and click Ok to add the medical item to the clinical chart.

To calculate an onset date, enter a number followed by (d)ay, (w)eek, (m)onth, or (y)ear. Example: 2w calculates two weeks ago from today. To calculate an onset date based on date of birth, use an age followed by (o)ld. Example: 8o calculates date patient was eight years old.

Use the Image button to attach a graphic, document, or any data file to this medical item. File size is limited to about 100K.

Use the View button to display an attached file.

The doctor and place fields are used when adding historical information and surgeries. Example: when patient was 10 years old, he had his tonsils removed at General Hospital by Dr. Smith.

Last update 03/11/00