Add to Chart, Phone Client

Option menu
Due to page size and interface limitations, the phone client varies from the other clients. Instead of being able to add medicines/items directly from the clinical chart, the phone client utilizes an options menu.

To display the options menu: point the arrow at the patient's name (top line) on the phone chart and press the opts button.

Press 2 or 3 to dial the patient's home or work phone numbers. Press 1 to display the item search form.

Enter search keyword(s) and press the find button to display the results list.

The results list sorts by rank so the above example shows medrol dose pack is prescribed more often than hycodan, which is prescribed more than rynatan, etc.

Return to clinical chart
To return to the patient's clinical chart: press the chart button. Doing this reloads the clinical chart. Clicking the phone's back button backs up to the previously viewed clinical chart. Important: if items have been added, then the previous chart is outdated and will not show the new items since it arrived prior to addition.

Single item selection
To add a single item from the results list: point the arrow at the desired medicine/item and press the select button, or on the keypad press the corresponding number. One input window will be displayed.

Multiple item selection
It will be a challenge to allow multiple item select with the phone client.

Medicine input
After selecting a medicine from the results list, the medicine input form is displayed.

Make changes by pointing the arrow at the setting to be changed and pressing the select button, or on the keypad press the corresponding number. After changing the setting press the ok button to redisplay the above form. After making any needed changes, press the add button to add the medicine to the clinical chart.

Medical item input
After selecting a medical item from the results list, the medical item input window is displayed.

Make any needed changes and press the add button to add the medical item to the clinical chart.

Last update 03/16/00