Except for their id number, health care professionals do not need to know codes to use the software. Instead, keyword searches are used to find patients, medicines, and items. This avoids having to find items by CPT, NDC, ICD-9, and other medical coding systems.

Search Words
Definitions: Search keywords are the words used to find patients, medicines, and items. Assigned keywords are words added to patients and items to aid in searching. Example: some medicines have been assigned the word sinus so that typing sinus for the search keywords retrieves these medicines.

Search types
At this time the software supports two types of searches: patient searches and item searches.

Search Logic

This is commonly known as and logic. To be included in the results list, an entity must contain keyword 1 and keyword 2 and keyword 3, . . .

The longest word is used to speed searching since it is more likely to find fewer initial matches than a shorter word.

Last update 02/16/00