Linux Server Configuration

When hosting the software on Linux servers, configure as follows.

System Directory Name
____ When choosing a name for the directory that contains a medical system, select one that reflects the ownership of the system.

Samba provides network file and printer sharing services similar to Windows NT and Novell Netware.

The GUI applications follow the DOS standard - upper case file names. The web applications follow the Linux standard - lower case file names. To resolve this include the following lines in /etc/smb.conf.
____ preserve case = no
____ default case = lower

The Windows networking workgroup defaults to "WORKGROUP". Using the default setting simplifies Windows workstation installation. Unless the network requires a different setting, set the workgroup in /etc/smb.conf.
____ workgroup = WORKGROUP

____ Install Apache web server for access by workstations on the network.

Pervasive SQL
With systems using Pervasive SQL, configure as follows.
____ remove expiration limit so system does not collapse four weeks after installation
____ increase number of sessions to at least 32 in case users start multiple instances of the GUI application

____ For systems supported by LS, make sure to include LS aliases in all accounts that will be used to access the system.

Last update 12/04/00