Phone Client Login

Login page
To access the phone client use the go to site option and enter the appropriate web page url (see system manager). The login page can be bookmarked to eliminate re-entry of the web page url. A typical login page follows (can be customized).

Operation of the phone client differs from the gui and web clients. Due to screen size limitations, the UP.Phone only allows one input field per web page (using the term web pages for consistency, really called cards). A gui window or web page form contains multiple input fields; these are changed and button is selected designating continue. A phone form displays a list of the fields, typically numbered. To change a field, the arrow pointer is aligned to the field and the select button is pressed, or the field's preceding number is pressed on the keypad.

Id# page
Pressing 1 on the Login page displays the following id# web page.

Enter your user id number and press the ok button. The password page will be displayed.

Password page
Pressing 2 on the Login page, or pressing ok on the id# page, displays the following password web page.

Enter your password, then press the ok button. The login page will be redisplayed. Since the password is displayed as stars, make sure the mode is set to alpha/ALPHA when typing letters and NUM when typing numbers.

Perform login
Press 3 or 4 on the Login page to login to the system. Press 3 to login and display a list of less used options. Press 4 to login and display the patient search page.

Press 5 to have the phone dial the support number.

Last update 02/16/00