Print Prescriptions, GUI Client

There are two ways to initiate prescription printing.

Extra reports
The GUI client provides options to print various reports in addition to the printed prescriptions.

Prescription destination
By default, printing goes to the local printer. If the system has been configured for faxing and the clinical chart has attached pharmacies, then the available pharmacies will appear in the prescription destination list. To fax, highlight the desired pharmacy prior to clicking the Ok button. Reports are always printed locally even if the prescription(s) are faxed.

Don't print
If a patient has medicines prescribed by non-participating doctors, you will still want to have those medicines in the clinical chart. To avoid printing medicines and throwing out the paper, click the Don't print button to mark the medicines as printed without producing any paper.

If any of the medicines to be printed are on DEA schedules II or III, then the user must provide their password to perform printing.

Last update 03/16/00