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Welcome to UnitedChart.com. Use this web site to learn about UnitedChart, read the user's guide, and download UnitedChart software.

UnitedChart is a collection of software applications that are used to automate health care facilities, manage medical records, provide data security, and impose accountability. UnitedChart could also be used for tasks like human resources, but that is not its goal.

Covid-19 support
The new version of UnitedChart that is currently under development contains upgrades that greatly simplify installation and eliminates the need to install a data base manager and associated licensing fees. The new release of UnitedChart was ported to the Android operating system allowing health care workers to run UnitedChart from an Android phone/device instead of a traditional computer server. That might be useful in establishing mobile testing stations.

It was intended the new version would be released in a few months after all desired features have been implemented/revised and new documentation was written.

But with the advent of the coronavirus, it has been decided that the new version of UnitedChart would be immediately released as is. As features are added and bugs fixed, new releases will be issued on a rolling basis. In addition, except for prescription printing, all fees have been waived until at least the end of 2021.


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Last update 03/22/2020