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LS DataNet Systems, Inc.
LS DataNet Systems, Inc. was created in 1990 with the goal of providing data oriented computer applications running over networks, which at the time were local area network (LANs) limited to buildings and campuses. Our applications, commonly called office automation, are designed around data sharing and accountability. While the Internet has dramatically increased the size of the network, it hasn't changed our original goal.

History of UnitedChart
Work on UnitedChart began on January 6, 1996 and it was first deployed in 1999. Over years the many areas of day-to-day medical facility activities were addressed resulting in an application containing medical and business logic.

Windows version
UnitedChart began as a Windows application running on the local area networks of health care facilities. By 2003 it was recognized that being a Windows program was a serious limitation. So work began on a web page version of UnitedChart which could be run through the Internet browsers of any computer, smartphone, or device.

Web page version
LS DataNet Systems writes software using portable C++. This allows adaptation of our software to different computing environments. In the case of UnitedChart, it allowed the medical/business logic of the Windows program to be used in the web page version of UnitedChart without having to start over. The web page version was first deployed in 2004. Over time the most used portions of the Windows version of UnitedChart were added into the web page version. The web page version works in conjuction with the Windows version and is basically the same program with a different user interface running the same underlying code.

The web page version of UnitedChart includes its own web server so that endusers only have to run a single program and don't need to know how to install and configure a web server. But some endusers may prefer to use web servers like Apache, so UnitedChart has a mode that turns off the internal server portion allowing it to be called from an external web server using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) standard.

Android version
Fast forward to 2020. Smartphones are quite powerful, especially when compared to the computers UnitedChart was originally designed to run on. So why not have UnitedChart be hosted by Android smartphones? Android apps are based on Java, a computer languange that is quite different from C++. But Java does have a feature called Java Native Interface (JNI) that allows java to run C++ code. A side benefit is that C++ runs much much faster than Java. So a UnitedChart Android server app was created by taking a Java based web server and linking it with the UnitedChart web page version operating in CGI mode.

The UnitedChart Android server app works like the web page version of UnitedChart installed on a Linux or Windows server on a LAN or the Internet. The Android phone/device that runs the app becomes a server over the health care facility's local wifi system.

IMPORTANT: The users (doctors, nurses, assistants, etc.) DO NOT INSTALL the UnitedChart Android server app! Rather, the users run UnitedChart from the Internet browsers of their computers, smartphones, and tablets by going to the wifi location of the Android phone/device that is running the UnitedChart Android server app. That is how data sharing is accomplished.

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Last update 01/13/2020