UnitedChart License and Cost

LS DataNet Systems, Inc. grants a free license to use the publicly distributed versions of the UnitedChart with the following limitations:

The UnitedChart license
The free license to UnitedChart entitles the institution and users rights to all executable versions of UnitedChart, and all UnitedChart features excluding prescription printing, which is separate.

Prescription printing
NOTE: In order to immediately distribute UnitedChart to aid in addressing the Covid-19 virus, non-VOID prescription printing has been disabled in the free version. Non-VOID prescription printing and faxing will be reactivated in upcoming editions.

There would surely be misuse if anyone was allowed to download UnitedChart and print prescriptions. Therefore, that is the only feature of UnitedChart where limitations and fees have been imposed. UnitedChart allows adding prescriptions to patient charts to keep a history, and it will print prescriptions. But the word VOID is printed on top of the prescriptions if not authorized, demonstrating how prescription printing works.

To print prescriptions, doctors, physician's assistants, and nurse practitioners must be qualified by providing current documentation proving their role and authority to write prescriptions, their ID numbers, a recent photo, and other data. There is a one time validation fee of $500/doctor-PA-NP and $120/year prorated usage fee.

Delegates, like nurses and assistants, don't need to be qualified to print prescriptions. Just the doctors, PAs, and NPs that the delegates work under.

While a time saver, prescription printing/faxing is a minor part of UnitedChart and hand writing prescriptions is an alternative, especially if that is the current practice.

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Last update 03/22/2020