UnitedChart Android Installation
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WARNING: While UnitedChart is two decades old, the Android implementation is new as of March 2020. In order to create the Android version of UnitedChart, it was necessary to use a Java http server instead of UnitedChart's internal http server. To avoid the need to install client/server data base software and pay associated licensing fees, UnitedChart now includes Sqlite3 as its default data base manager.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that the Android version of UnitedChart will be as stable and dependable as the Windows and Linux computer based versions. Rather, if you download and run the Android version of UnitedChart then you are in effect a tester. Please report problems, comments, desired features, and other issues to unitedchart@gmail.com. If you like UnitedChart but your Android device isn't powerful or stable enough to run your entire health care facility, then our recommendation is to migrate to one of the computer based versions of UnitedChart.

Use the following steps to download, install, remove, and start/stop/restart the UnitedChart server software.

Install UnitedChart Android server
This installation method uses "sideloading" which is an alternative to downloading from the Google Play Store. UnitedChart will be posted there, but doing that would have delayed distribution by weeks. Most of the installation steps involve the Android operating system trying to talk you out of completing the installation.

Uninstall UnitedChart Android server
Steps to remove UnitedChart from your Android:

Start/stop/restart UnitedChart Android server
Controlling the UnitedChart Android server.

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Last update 03/21/2020