UnitedChart Windows Installation
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Use the following steps to download, install, remove, and start/stop/restart the UnitedChart Windows server software.

Install UnitedChart
Select a system directory to contain your UnitedChart system, for example c:\UnitedChart. The directory does not have to be named UnitedChart, but it will in the following instructions so substitute if you use a different directory name.

The computer server you select to host your UnitedChart system:

To install UnitedChart on your Windows computer server:

Uninstall UnitedChart Windows server
To remove UnitedChart, delete the UnitedChart directory you created to contain your UnitedChart system. UnitedChart never writes outside of its folder, so deleting it uninstalls it.

Start/stop/restart UnitedChart Windows server
There are multiple ways to run UnitedChart on Windows. It is up to the server's manager to decide.

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Last update 03/24/2020