UnitedChart System Manager Account
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When a UnitedChart system is created it also creates a sysmgr account and displays the randomly generated sysmgr password on the console. The system manager goes to computer or device, starts the browser and goes to the ip address of the UnitedChart server, displaying the login interface. The system manager then logs in using sysmgr and the password displayed on the console. After login the system manager is forced to go through password change obsoleting the initial sysmgr password.

The sysmgr account is limited to management and configuration activities. The sysmgr account does not have access to interfaces like appointments, demographics, charts, etc. If a user has been set to have system manager authority, they can also perform system management by typing sysmgr in the search blank of the main interface. This avoids the need for the system manager to log out of their user account, log in to the sysmgr account, log out of sysmgr, and log back in to their user account.

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Last update 03/24/2020